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We hope you get the opportunity to experience for yourself what thousands around the globe are being touched and transformed every week. If you're ever in Inland Empire, California, or Houston, Texas, KONNECT CHURCH GLOBAL is a place to be.... We want to host you and, better still, be part of this fast-growing kingdom family.


We are an Apostolic and Prophetic Church

1. Worship: We exist to worship our Maker

2. Love: We exist to share God's love with all

Empowerment: We exist to teach kingdom principles and challenge all to grow into maturity.

4. Ministry: We exist to serve humanity.

5. Outreach: We exist to reach out to the dying world with the message of love and hope.


 We exist to raise kingdom-cultured people generations of champions, and to advocate a lifestyle of purity.


We are a manifold community of individuals and families with the mission of becoming and accomplishing all that God has created us for. KONNECT CHURCH GLOBAL  is a contemporary kingdom family committed to creating an environment where all people can experience the true love of God without discrimination and exercise their kingdom authority boldly.

Promise Adeyemi is the founder of Konnect Church Global. An Apostle by calling, prolific speaker/teacher, entrepreneur, and prophetic voice to the nations of the earth. Promise speaks at conferences around the globe. He founded Kharisma Productions, P&L Records, Wealthy Kharismatic LLC, and he's a Real Estate investor. He's commissioned to build kingdom-minded families worldwide and determined to take the good news to the marketplace using every means possible to get the message out...


Lihle Adeyemi wears many hats, including co-founder of Konnect Church Global, founder of Mind Boost Foundation, A Recording Gospel Artist, Psychotherapist, Mother, Wife, and Global influencer. She has a calling to empower men and women across the globe by equipping them with the wisdom and knowledge they need to fulfill their divine destinies. 


We see you in the future and you are much more better than this.


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